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Our Story

It All Started With A List...

Our tale here is one you may have heard before– a young couple on a mission to further their education by the way of Central Washington University; He wanted to be a dentist and She a science teacher. When graduation loomed around the corner, we began to plan our next move. We made a unanimous decision that when it came to our future, what mattered the most was location, location, location. Ever the list makers, we decided to jot down everything we wanted in a future hometown. The bullet points spoke for themselves, we had unwittingly described Ellensburg, WA! And as the classic story goes, we decided to stay, and it was time to build a life in our new hometown. We discovered our amazing work chemistry while alongside each other at the Palace Saloon, bartending through countless Taco Tuesdays and many Rodeo weekends. Interacting with each other and our community so closely, we fell in love with working together and the Ellensburg community. Continuing our journey to establish ourselves in Kittitas County, we got married and then bought a home. This first experience with real estate fascinated us, and at the time, we wondered about things like– How much of an investment can your home be? Why are there so many commercial vacancies downtown? How can first-time homeowners compete in a market full of investors? In 2015, we decided to turn that natural curiosity into a business and haven’t looked back since. Our aim as a real estate team is to help clients find a hometown love like ours. We not only stay up to date on local industry knowledge, and utilize our earned customer service skills, but we also make it a point to showcase how joyful life in Ellensburg and all of Kittitas County can be. We like to explore the overlooked areas, indulge in the arts and events scene, and wander through the beautiful landscape, and we’ve befriended some of the best people you will ever meet. Our smart and bold daughter, Lucille, makes everyday that much brighter, and it’s been so fun to share this journey with her. Our job is not just a way to make a living- it is life, because we genuinely care about our clients and about our community. Our work is rewarding, and it all interweaves. Living and working here is everything we hoped it would be. We don’t know of a better place to write a new chapter. Welcome to Kittitas County. ​ We don’t know of a better place to build a life.


The Way We Do Award- Winning Business

Chamberlin_preselite (1).png

TOP 3%
of all Coldwell Banker Sales Associates worldwide


Above all else,

we value your time and your wishes. 

We keep our pulse on the industry while putting our

expertise of region and relationships at the core of what we do. We completely customize the buyer/seller experience. 

Need a housecleaner before professional photos? We'll find you one. Need a contact for drywall repair? No problem.

We recognize the basics and general guidelines, but

understand that everyone's situation is unique.


Whether you are ready to dive in, or need a

home quality analysis, we are here for you. 

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Exploring Ellensburg is one of our favorite pastimes. Check out our list of cool spots around the Burg and follow us on social to get a first look at the work we do in the town we love!

Checking in with the Chamberlins

We like to mix work and play.

follow us to know what we're up to!

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